• Is dealing with relationships your worst nightmare?
  • Do you have difficulty in maintaining long-term relationships?
  • Would you like to improve your relationship with your mother?
  • Is your relationship with your partner hanging by a thread?

I believe that it’s all about the way you look at things!

As you are unique and special, you have your own history, thoughts, and feelings, and you lead your life in a different way, I will try to understand you as you are. I believe that you can achieve a balance that will bring you peace and satisfaction.

I want to help you if you are looking for: help, advice, strength, solutions, new tools to deal with life, new perspectives, a push, better communication, a deeper comprehension of situations, and meaning.

Essentially, I can be what you need the most:

  • a confidant
  • a friend
  • an adviser
  • a rock
  • an impulse
  • an echo chamber
  • a tool for your transformation and growth.

I’m here for what’s best for YOU and to help you with your relationships related with:






My name is Diana. I graduated in psychology because I have always loved people. Actually, I’m passionate about the relationships between them.

I’ve realised that I’m good at:

  • helping to solve problems
  • simplification
  • looking at things from various angles
  • helping others think
  • self development
  • self knowledge
  • emotional processing
  • communication
  • sharing feelings

This way, naturally and intuitively, I’ve been improving the lives of others and I can help you improving yours.

Book an online appointment simply by contacting me.

You can choose how to be contacted, the day and time that suits you best as well as the payment method. Bear in mind that it is important for you to be in a comfortable and quiet environment and also alone.


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“Sometimes in the middle of a crisis, it is hard to see through the fog of pain and uncertainty. At a crucial time in my life Diana was able to make me think about my situation with a completely different outlook, without drama and the weight of expectations we are taught to have from an early age. Because of that I didn’t give up on what ended up being the most important relationship of my life, which was able to flourish because I gave it a proper, realistic chance.”

Virgínia, England

“Last year, following a difficult break up, I was going through a tough time in life, and experiencing panic and anxiety attacks for the first time. It was really scary, and it started interfering with my work and social life. Diana was a big support during that time, and gave me the tools to cope with said attacks. They didn’t seem as scary after that, and eventually they stopped happening. She’s very emphatic and never judged me, which made me feel very comfortable talking with her. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived those terrible times if it wasn’t for her wise advice. Thank you, Diana!”

Rachel, England

“I love my mother, but there was a time when I just couldn’t handle it anymore. The way she used to make me feel was destroying me. So, i decided to look for advice and Diana helped me to face this relationship in a different way. Nowadays, when I’m with my mother, I don’t feel hurt anymore.”

Ana, Portugal